Vision, Mission and Philosophy of Visible Learning Center

VLC’s Vision At VISIBLE LEARNING CENTERS (VLC) we aim to support your child in building the skills necessary for a maximum and life long ability to pursue happiness and equality. We achieve these results by caring, educating, and actively interacting with each child. Our staff believes in modeling responsibility, accountability and respectful interactions. Our daily goals are to intentionally: 1. Create a community of learners. 2. Teach to enhance development and learning. 3. Plan curriculum to achieve important goals. 4. Assess children’s learning and development. 5.Establish reciprocal relationships with families.

VLC’s Mission At Visible Learning Center (VLC), our mission is to provide your child with a loving, supportive, safe and educational environment. We pride our Center’s focus on the individual needs of your child, while providing quality, reliable, and safe childcare.”

VLC’s Philosophy  •VLC and parents team up for the betterment of your child: A mutual open line of communication allows your child to truly feel safe. Families are encouraged to ask questions, to participate in the classroom, and to share anecdotes about their child. •VLC strives to maintain a safe and respectful environment, allowing for projects and creativity to flourish. •VLC is committed to teaching children problem-solving skills of all sorts. This is done by modeling expected behaviors, by a watchful but hands off approach, which encourages children to practice those skills, either with material or in social situations. One arena of practice is Dramatic Play: Children can almost always behave in a more mature way when they are pretending; this helps them reinforce the skills they need in everyday life. •While challenging children in their learning, VLC remains very watchful to remain developmentally appropriate for each child. •VLC adheres to the “Healthy mind in a healthy body” motto. This shows in our intentional use of gross motor play, our high quality nutrition and the vast array of activities that are tailored to your children’s interests as they learn: we strongly believe in relevant discovery and learning.